Burwell Bash - Traditional Music Summer School - Brian Finnegan - Jock Tyldesley - Tola Custy - Andy Cutting - Ed Boyd


**Bookings will open early in 2017**

Burwell Bash is a residential folk music summer school held in Burwell, Cambridgeshire every summer.

The Bash has been running for the last 15 years teaching Flute/Whistle, Fiddle, Accordion/Melodeon and Guitar, and aims to be much more than your average music course.

World class instrument tuition, inspiring mixed band classes, actioned packed evenings, and the relaxing setting, with wonderful food and fabulous atmosphere all go a long way to making this intimate and challenging week it is.

"...a fun, inspiring, exhausting, uplifting and truly memorable week." - Harriet (Student 2015)

"There is a magic about the place, and it turned this frightened wannabe with a hole the size of music in her heart into a musician. I'm very grateful - and very lucky." - Blanche (Student 2015)

"The week lasts forever and then is gone in a flash with just the memories and the music to take us home and sustain us through Autumn, Winter and promise of Spring." - Thelma (Student 2015)

"You learn so much from the amazing teachers in your instrument and band class as well as other people on the course,everyone is really friendly and welcoming! Once a course is over, the countdown starts for the next course to begin, everyone takes special memories from Burwell that will no doubt last forever" - Abi (Student 2009)

"It's my favourite time of year is when a group of musicians - new and old - gather to make good music and most importantly eat good food." - Will Clery (Student 2010)

"A new hip is a small price to pay the best week of my life!" - Clive (Student 2006)

"Burwell has become my annual fiddle fix amongst friends." - Jayne (Student 2003)

"It is a purely indulgent, wholesome, enriching in everyway." - Josie (Student, all of them)

"In 2003 I said I didn't want to be here now I can't imagine being anywhere else." - Jane (Student 2003 - 2011)

"You didn't tell me I was coming to a mad house!" - Liz Doherty (Fiddle Tutor 2006 &2007)